Bhimsen Kapoor(Baraas)

Baras tukda reduces stress, mouth freshener, and skincare. Eliminates bad odors and leaves a refreshing fragrance in the room. Daily use during pooja, aartis, meditation at home, office shop, etc.IT helps to treat colds and coughs and relieve throat congestion. It is used for treating illnesses.100% pure. Boost immunity. It contains no chemicals or preservatives. 2. Camphor
With so many good qualities we bring the purest form of Kapoor to you. Kapoor plays a very vital role in Poojan & Aarti. It has many good properties in itself. Used as medicine also, It is included in many products as an ingredient. The smoke of Kapoor removes negativity from the environment.
Many people use it to remove mosquitoes, it doesn’t kill them.

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