Dhoop Sticks

The act of burning incense has been an important ritual since ancient 


Increase calm and focus. Essential oils of plants like rosemary, peppermint, and citrus have been shown to improve mental cognition, clarity, and focus. Reduce stress and anxiety. Some herbs are specifically known for their ability to ease anxiety and curb stress. For example, breathing in lavender oil has proven to be effective in reducing anxiety in several studies. Aid sleep. Lavender is also well-known for its sedative effects and is considered to promote sleep and fight insomnia. Burning incense with lavender essential oil 

as you’re getting ready for bed may help you drift off to sleep faster. Complement a yoga or meditation practice. Incense has a reputation for being associated with yoga and meditation. Given that some of the essential oils most commonly used to scent incense sticks help ease stress and increase focus, burning incense is a perfect addition to a yoga and meditation routine. Stimulate creativity. Burning incense can help boost creativity and flow state by clearing and stimulating the mind.

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